Simple and fast returns

48h return policy

Distribution Lovaf's interest is the complete satisfaction of its customers.

Whether you have simply changed your mind or the product is not suitable, you can return merchandise within 48 hours of receiving your items for a purchase credit on your next order.

How to return a product?

For any return of merchandise, here are the steps to perform:

  1. Contact us at and tell us which products you wish to return, the reason (s) for the return and the photos, if applicable, including your invoice number
  2. Our service will contact you as soon as possible thereafter. 


Products must be in new condition

Products must be in perfect condition, in new condition, with the exception of defective or damaged products. This means that the product must meet the following conditions:

  • Be in its original packaging, with the labels.
  • Be in its initial state (neither used / nor opened).
  • Be clean and free from unusual odors.

All products are rigorously inspected. Distribution Lovaf will not authorize any form of reimbursement for items that do not meet the above criteria.

Distribution Lovaf reserves the right to refuse a return that does not respect these conditions.


Return of defective, damaged or incorrect products

It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the merchandise upon receipt. For a defective, damaged or not corresponding to the invoice, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your merchandise at

Include photos of the product in question and your order number with your shipment. We will contact you as soon as possible and replace your item at no additional cost to you.


Non-returnable products

Distribution Lovaf accepts returns for the vast majority of products sold, including those at a discount. Due to the nature of some items and our inability to guarantee that they will be perfectly in condition, hygienic for the next customer, some specific products are non-returnable. Thus, perishable products such as meats, fish are final sales.


Distribution Lovaf does not refund, but offers credits on the next order

Our experience shows that it is more beneficial for everyone not to offer an exchange, because it is easier to refund you a product at the time of the return. It's faster and easier to consider each transaction separately, so you won't have to wait for the return to be completed before ordering the right product. Placing that second order eliminates the need to wait for the refund to be issued, and helps ensure the right product is delivered to you as soon as possible.


Return deadlines

Returns are processed as soon as the customer has contacted us via the contact form available via our email. It is only after we have acknowledged receipt of the email and verified that the content is in perfect condition that we can begin the return process.